my story is similar to many people with an autoimmune disease in that the condition started out slowly and was undiagnosable for many years. 

I had many tests and visited many different kinds of specialists until finally about 10 years after the first symptoms began I finally got a diagnosis. Like many people with autoimmune disease I have more than one. I have Sjogren's Syndrome which was diagnosed by a rheumatologist, Polymyositis, which was diagnosed by an neurologist and Hashimoto's thyroiditis, which was diagnosed by an endocronologist. 

My story is probably also the same as others with autoimmune conditions as I was told there is no cure only ways to manage some of the symptoms.

So it was during this 10 years of feeling unwell and being told many different things regarding my health including mostly what it was not that I started this site as a way to record many of the online searches I was making. 

You see I did know it was autoimmune in nature, well I was pretty sure it was, as so many doctors mentioned the word autoimmune and kept trying to rule out autoimmune conditions like Myasthenia Gravis and MS and Lupus. 

If you have done any searching online you very quickly find out that many of the articles are in medical language so I wanted the information here to be both correct and easy to understand. That is also why there is a glossary and links to many reputable sites both in with the symptoms and on the specific Links page.

I am slowly trying to add layman's language information about each autoimmune condition in more depth e.g. Addison's and Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome have been completed.

I also have a blog called help immune and you can contact me there or through these other ways.

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